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simile - [sim-uh-lee]
1. a figure of speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared, as in “she is like a rose.”

CIM-ile - [sim-uh-lee]
1. a gearbox in which a smaller motor is used as an input, with the output emulating the RPM and mounting of a CIM motor, as in "the CIM-ile has made my 550 sized motor much like a CIM motor."

The CIM-ile gives teams the ability to emulate the RPM and mounting pattern of the popular CIM motor using one smaller motor in a compact, lightweight package. The precision VEXpro gears and glass-filled nylon housing create a system that is “similar” to a CIM and can be used with any gearbox or drive where a CIM would be used.

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CIM-ile Hardware Kit
CIM-ile Hardware Kit
Note: picture is for illustrational purposes.

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CIM-ile Housing Kit
CIM-ile Housing Kit

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Kit Contents
  • (1) CIM-ile Hardware Kit
  • (1) CIM-ile Housing Kit
  • (1) Radial Bearing - 3/8" ID
  • (1) Radial Bearing - 3/16" ID

  • CIM-ile Hardware Kit
  • (1) 8mm with 2mm keyway Output Shaft
  • (1) Press on Pinion for RS-775 Motor
  • (1) Press on Pinion for RS-550 Motor
  • (1) #10-32 X 0.500" Standoff
  • (1)M3 X 0.5 X 8" Socket Head Cap Screw
  • (1)M4 X 0.7 X 10" Socket Head Cap Screw
  • (1)#10-32 X 0.375" Socket Head Cap Screw
  • (1)#10-32 X 0.500" Socket Head Cap Screw
  • (1)M2 X 10" Phillips Screw

  • CIM-ile Housing Kit
  • (1) Output Housing
  • (1) Input Housing
Inputs (1) RS-550 motor or (1) RS-775 motor
Outputs 8mm with 2mm keyway Output Shaft
Material Type Output Shaft: 7075 T6 Aluminum
Pinion Gears: 4140 Steel
Gearbox Housing: Glass-filled Nylon
CAD Model STEP File
Weight 0.14 lbs (gearbox with no motors)