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Shaft Coupler (5-pack)
Shaft Coupler (5-pack)
Our Price: $4.99

Shaft couplers are the same length as old VEX clutches, allowing 2-Wire Motors to be used in places that previously had a clutch without changing shaft length.

  • Makes replacing 3-Wire Motors quick and simple.
  • Placement between motor and drive shaft makes changing shafts easier.

Motor 393 Refurb Kit
Motor 393 Refurb Kit
Our Price: $4.99

Lose your gears? This convenient replacement gear pack for the 2 Wire Motor 393 will get you going again without having to purchase a new motor. Includes one full set of gears.

  • Only for the 2 Wire Motor 393
  • (1) of each internal cluster gear
  • (1) set of replacement case assembly screws
393 Motor Turbo Gear Set (4-pack)
393 Motor Turbo Gear Set (4-pack)
Our Price: $12.99

Use the Turbo Gear Set to push your motors to the fastest speeds ever seen in VEX robotics. This gear pack replaces the gears inside a 2-Wire Motor 393 for high-RPM, low-torque applications.

  • Only for 2-Wire Motor 393
  • 240 RPM output speed is 140% faster than standard gearing
  • Use with external gearing or large wheels for even more speed
2-Wire Motor 393
2-Wire Motor 393
Our Price: $14.99

The 2-Wire Motor 393 is the primary actuator used in the VEX Robotics Design System. Build rotational mechanisms, drive bases, rotational joints, conveyor belts - anything that spins can be built using the 2-wire Motor 393.

  • Strong, steel internal gears.
  • Can be configured into a "high speed" version.

The 2-Wire Motor 393 does not have an internal motor controller.

The motor connects directly to 2-Wire Motor Ports (Ports 1 & 10 on the Cortex Microcontroller). For 3-Wire Motor Ports (Ports 2-9 on the Cortex), a Motor Controller 29 must be used in between the Microcontroller and the motor.

3-Wire Servo
3-Wire Servo
Our Price: $19.99

Servo motors are a type of motor that can be directed to turn to face a speci�c direction, rather than just spin forward or backward.

  • Expand functionality
  • Add pan and tilt to a camera
  • 100 degrees of rotation
  • Do exact positioning
V5 Smart Motor
V5 Smart Motor
Our Price: $34.99

The V5 Smart Motor is more than twice as powerful as the 2-Wire motor 393, and puts an integrated encoder and a motor controller into one compact package. Customize speed and torque with interchangeable gear cartridges.

  • Use the built-in encoder to track a robot's rotational position and velocity
  • Ships with the standard gear cartridge of 18:1 (200 RPM)
  • Cartridges for 36:1 (100 RPM) & 6:1 (600 RPM) are also available
  • Compatible with both VEX EDR shaft sizes

The motor runs at a slightly lower voltage than the batteries minimum voltage, and the motor's power is accurately controlled to +/-1%. This means the motor will perform the same for every match and every autonomous run regardless of battery charge or motor temperature.